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Mininum level for a combined stock holding


Our business setup is as follows:

Default - Our Main Bulk Online stock holding

Shop Floor - An actual shop floor stock holding which is updated via a CSV export from the till (epos) system

Warehouse - Not used full as yet but eventually will be for holding bulk stock at our separate warehouse unit

I am trying to achieve a system that accounts for stock holding across all locations and has a universal Minimum level for this.

The Shop Front location is a working retail premises with its own EPOS system. This figure is updated through CSV spreadsheet upload. The ideal goal, as for most business, is to have all products we have in our stock room AND shop front listed for sale across all sales markets - to increase potential revenue & stock turnover etc.

Ideally, i want my open orders screen AND PO screen to take into account the stock holding data from all three of my locations before advising me my requirement to re-order when i select to re-order to Min Level etc - much in the same way that our ebay and Amazon channels take into account our Combined stock figure for their item stock levels.

If Linnworks already combines stock figures for the sales channels - can it not do the same for stock ordering and dispatching?

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Great idea - definitely would find this option useful
i need exactly the same solution
This should also have the ability to select only certain locations - you might want to re-stock the warehouse and FBA but not the shop for example
This would be brilliant and would solve a couple of our problems.

As someone else mentioned it would be good if you could just change the settings to select only certain locations, 1 location, or all locations for the min level.

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