Automated Price Update

Most of the Manage Service clients need constant price and stock level update. We want somehow to implement every time price has been updated through FTP or folder from the harddrive to be changed automatically after the Sync run. So that the prices will be updated on time. Most of the sellers update their prices every hour so that it is the easiest and more effective way to achieve it. We need to update the prices for the channels not the Retail price. Cannot be easier if the syncing process to take only values that have been changed in order to overload the system less that it is now. It can contain only 3 columns- SKU, StockLevel and ChannelRetailPrice

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I have a similar request here:

In order to update prices from LL2, which will update prices inside of Amazon Repricer
This has been completed for eBay. Please refer to the following documentation for details:

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