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When changing ebay listing image in bulk, remove CSV export / import step

If you wish to change an image for multiple simple ebay listings (simple meaning, non-variation, single image per item). You need to do the following steps:

1) change image in LinnWorks

2) export image URL to csv

3) import image URL to extended property EBAY_IMAGE1

4) navigate through to LinnLive, and select update images

to simplify this for this basic use case I suggest that steps 2 & 3 are removed, and LinnLive will interpret an "update images" as replacing the ebay listing image with the primary LinnWorks image should EBAY_IMAGE1 we null or missing.

In practice, this may also speed up processing as no update needs occur if the existing self-hosted URL on eBay matches the primary image URL

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Actually now you can use EBAY_IMAGE2, EBAY_IMAGE3 and so on. So we actually need to know what image you want to upload.
This suggestion relates to the situation where there is only one image for a listing. I imagine that this is the most common use case, and certainly applies to all of our listings.

In this situation EBAY_IMAGE2...12 are not relevant. But, more to the point, neither is EBAY_IMAGE1 - as there is only one image there should be (IMO) no need to separately specify it.

I think its great that the these options are available for advanced use cases, but for listings with just one image (or no EBAY_IMAGE1), my suggestion is that LinnLive just uses the primary (or only) image in LinnWorks.

One other point: it really is great that you are reading and responding to these requests!

Sorry, we can't do this. Actually EBAY_IMAGE1 and AMAZON_IMAGE1 were introduced, because some of our customers want different images for each channel. So we can't just auto update templates every time somebody upload new image.
I tried to be clear in my comment, but I must have not been.

I believe what I'm asking for is very simple and consistent with everything else in LW/LL, so if it comes across as more complicated than that, it hasn't come across properly. (if its come across as a simple request, but is actually technically complicated to do, then I didn't get that from your response)

First, I am not asking that you change the advanced functionality that you have introduced - the functionality which allows customers to specify multiple different URL for multiple different channels via multiple extended properties. I suggest no changes whatsoever to that functionality for the reasons that you have noted in both of your comments, and because I don't use it and therefore have no opinion on it.

What I am asking is that you add basic / default functionality:
* On listing, the default behavior is to use the image in LinnWorks. (I assume at this stage you can *optionally* override this behavior and use EBAY_IMAGE1 etc. I stress *optionally*)

vvvv crucial bit vvv

* But on modifying an existing listing, there is currently no default behaviour for images in bulk. I stress, there is no *default behaviour* - you *must* use the previously optional EBAY_IMAGE1 etc. for bulk changes.

^^^ crucial bit ^^^

* I ask that the default behaviour on listing, is the default behaviour on modifying.
* I ask that to bulk modify a set of simple listings you aren't required to use and maintain advanced image functionality required by only some of your customers.
* I *do not* ask that you remove or change the advanced functionality that you have already included.
* I *do not* ask that this is somehow carried out automatically - it would still require the listings to be selected and their listings updated with "update images"
Let's take a look on this from other side.
For example, you have got 3 channels: eBay, Amazon, Magento.
For some reason (actually this is quite common) you want different images on each channel.
90% of such listings will be created manually and manually images will be selected. So at this moment we have got hundreds or even thousands listings with different images. Now if LinnLive team changes the behaviour to your suggestion then all your listings will be with the same main picture after update.
Please remember that functionality EBAY_IMAGE1, AMAZON_IMAGE1 was introduced few months ago and 90% of our customers do not use it.
I appreciate you taking the time.

"all your listings will be with the same main picture after update" - only if "update images" were selected when doing an update.
If this were done accidentally, then it would mess up people's listings - but it would also mess them up if they had manually modified the title, or description before listing and then selected to update those.

All I can really hope is that I've explained it clearly: which I can summarise now as "if you select update images, and EBAY_IMAGE1 (etc.) isn't present, use the primary image in LinnWorks"

The (theoretical) people affected by this would be those who have a) manually selected images for some listings, b) used EBAY_IMAGE1 etc. to define images for others, c) bulk select multiple inventory items from across these two methods of managing images, d) select Update Images, with the expectation that only those with EBAY_IMAGE1 etc. present will be affected.

But, I would say they (if anyone is doing the above combination) are relying on "Update Images" not to update images!

With this, I think I've been as clear as I'm able - in the hope you'll convert the "declined" to something else - but ultimately its your call of course!

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