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Intergrate eBay Resolution Centre Management Into Linnworks

With eBay shifting all missing items and items not as described to the Resolution Centre, and the fact there is a Resoltuion Centre API, could Linnworks look at intergrating Resolution Centre Management into Linnworks.

So basically would like a new tab on Linnworks, Resoltuion Centre Manager, that would import all the cases from eBay, and allow you to reply to cases via Linnworks, book out resends via linnworks or refunds and then update the case automatically etc. You could have template replies and really expand on it.

Would also be nice to have a little alerter built in for when a case is replied to buy a buyer, or a new case is opened. I think there is a lot of potentional here for Linnworks to intergrate this and it would be a nice addon for linnworks as I find managing cases via the website on eBay a real pain.



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basically Linnworks has a way to go
check out eCommSource which works with Salesforce's... it allows sellers to manage just about everything on eBay through one system!
Linnworks' biggest downfall is that's it's so comprehensive yet lacking some fundamentals and still no doubt every operator has to jump systems every day to get all the information they need.

Linnworks is very efficient once setup and feeding / managing online sales from integrated channels - BUT when there's an issue, return, eBay case, discrepancy / dispute or anything else even just creating a quick phone order - Linnworks is way too inefficient and messy!
Agree with the comment below (even though I am a core system architect for LW - so it should feel like a personal attack on my baby:)

Linnworks is not the best tool to handle customer service communication. As much as I would like it to do everything under the sun, there are limits to what we can commit to and where our focus should be.

ReplyManager is a good solution and integrates with Linnworks beautify.
When will Linnworks intergrate with reply manager?
Not the other way around as we would like to be able to handle ebay case resolutions through linnworks
This would be quite a project and it in order to make it a complete project we would have to implement messaging system for customer services.

For the solution has been updated by XSellco as an application embedded directly into the interface. More details on this application can be found here -

Give it a go.

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