Transmit Digital Invoices for FedEx International

When you ship a parcel from the UK with FedEx to a country outside the EU, you need to supply an invoice with the package.

If you book the shipment through the FedEx website, you have the option of uploading the invoice to their system. If you don't do that, you need to print out 4 paper copies of the invoice, and the driver collecting the packages needs to process them when they collect the packages.

Currently, through Linnworks, we have to do that latter - print 4 copies of the invoice.

It would be great if Linnworks could be configured to upload the sales invoice to FedEx as the commercial invoice with the package to save having to print these invoices.

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Also known as EDT - Electronic Document Transfer. FedEx are meeting Linnworks in early February so hopefully this can get looked into.
Any updates on this? Can we hope this coming to US?

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