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New Inventory Product Creation, Can Have Pre-set Extended Properties

We at stock and asset think extended properties are great we use them for everything! From bespoke scripts to run particular functions, to calling up product specific videos html code to listing, manual links and alot more.

We have created a template which we duplicate every time a new product is created however depending on whos doing this we sometimes have issues when the template isnt used so we have to then either recreate or spend ages editing. Im sure people wont always use this template idea so as a defult within linnworks wouldn’t it be great to create maybe upto 10-+? templates for inventory products when the "new item" button is pressed maybe it could have a popout which would give you the option on what template of a product you wish to create, for example you may have a set of extended properties that a particular brand has i.e if they provide you manuals or they give you product videos etc you would want these to appear in the product extended properties for whoever is creating the product.

The logical place for the designing of these templates could be placed in the conveniently names “template designer”

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another bonus too this would be that it means you wont have lots of random empty entries within linnworks from people accidentally pressing the new item button.
Existing extended properties can be selected from a drop down now. If you wish to use groups then the best thing to do is use the data import.

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