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Price Adjustment in Linnlive Adjusts also with Repricer

It would be the best ever if we could only adjust prices in 1 area. For example now we can adjust prices for the website and eBay and others using LL2 LinnLive. Although with Amazon, we have to open up repricer, search through our thousands of Amazon listings and change the price separately . It would be great if we could just use LL2 to change and adjust our prices. How this would work is if we change the price in LL2, it would automatically go into the Repricer and adjust the lowest price to this new price we set in LL2. We are constantly adjusting prices in our field and having only 1 place to log in and change prices would be PRICELESS :) Please help us to do this, we would be willing to pay for custom coding even...

Thanks for your consideration,


Group Vertical, LLC


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There a many repricers out there better than MeanRepricer right now. The only way LW will get more clients to sign on to MeanRepricer is...
1. Integrate LL2 and MeanReprice so that price changes can be made in one place (LL2) and this gets passed to the repricer.
2. If MeanRepricer gets updated to include the latest Amazon MWS functionality.
Not possible due to software architecture.
So this can never happen? Extremely frustrating. Why was Meanrepricer even used with Linnworks if the developers new that they would never fully integrate with each other?
Agreed! And when the product re lists it has the wrong pricing also or if we need to take the listing down and relist it

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