Hermes Label Integrated On To Invoice Same As Royal Mail Tracked

It would be good to have Hermes as a fully integrated courier as they are rapidly growing in the UK and in some cases can offer a fully tracked service at the same cost as Royal Mail 2nd Class.

When Royal mail does privatise companies like Hermes will become much more popular.

Please do not advise metapak as an option we are aware but feel there costs are far too expensive for the volumes we are doing.

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I agree MyHermes Intergrated labels would make Picking and packing orders much easier and would increase their business.
must be done! pls MyHermes
Hi, we fully support this suggestion. A great deal of our parcels now go using Hermes and to have a direct integration is now essential. Kind regards, James.
This is what I found to print MyHermes on a laser printer, they are integrated labels which are much cheaper per label than laser label sheets,

Direct Hermes integration is planned for integration this year

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Pleaseeeee .. I want direct integration on invoice.. just like Royal Mail tracked. It will save me a lot of time!!!
Please, please please get this up and running as quickly as possible!
This needs to be the full Hermes option not myhermes though!

Any idea on a timescale of when this would be implemented? Would be very useful! 

Still not integrated? 2 years later....


MyHermes integration is still only available in Linnworks desktop application. If you are using a script provided by MyHermes, then it does support integrated labels, so you just need to make sure 'Shipping Label' element is present on your invoice template and the correct services are assigned to your orders.

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