images in purchase orders

It would be good if we were able to add a product images to the purchase orders. Although it's not completely necessary it would be very handy as I feel it would speed things up for us and help to clarify when staff are a little unsure about what's being ordered/ received - say for example we have a product with a missing code or some other incomplete information.

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I believe this feature is almost very important as clearly explains the supplier what we are looking for from them against the SKU we have mentioned or discussed. As the saying goes, "a image is stronger than 1000 words". This once again will ease the process at the time of STOCK in for a new staff member to check what has been delivered against the Purchase order placed. This I believe should be as simple as putting the images in Pick List or Packing List.

I hope Linnworks team will look into this request as priority.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Linnworks, is there enough interest in this to add the feature to the PO template?  Option to add the image file associated with the product/inventory would be a great feature.


I'm afraid that this feature is not as demanded as it might seem. The post was created about 4 years ago and since then there has been just a few upvotes or mentions as you can see. 

Currently there are tasks and feature requests that have a much higher priority and demand, thus at the moment this will not be added to the development plan. 



Please can you look into this again?

It's something that we really need.

Our supplier changes the design of the products like once a year, and there's no way for the warehouse team to remember 4,000 products what they should like, to know if a product arrived with a new packaging, and needs a new picture.

Us too!

Any news on this?? Please add it!!

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