Ability to List to Magento with correct weight.

Currently LL2 keeps listing the wrong weights to Magento. Magento weight is in pounds, although LinnLive 2 keeps pushing the ounces number to Magento, not the pounds number. So basically everytime we list a new product we have to go into Magento and fix it. Very annoying and i'm not sure why this can't be easily fixed.


SKU111 = 1oz , which equals 0.06 pounds.

Instead of uploading a weight of 0.06 to Magento, it uploads 1.0, which Magento reads as pounds making the item way too heavy and causing shipping calculations to be all wrong.

I hope this can get fixed asap.


Group Vertical, LLC


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When listing to Magento LinnLive just sends a numerical value for weight to Magento. If weight unit used in your Magento site differs from Linnworks weight unit, then it is possible to convert from one weight unit to another.

To specify weight unit that is used on your Magento site, follow these instructions:

1. Add weight_unit attribute to the Magento configurator Attributes;
2. Specify the default value for the attribute (gr, oz, lb or kg);
3. Extended property MAGENTO_WEIGHT_UNIT can be added to each inventory item to specify weight unit for each item separately ( gr, oz, lb or kg). This extended property has to be mapped with weight_unit attribute in the Magento Configurators Atributes;
4. Save changes in the configurator by clicking Save button at the top of the Magento Configurators screen.

To fix existing listings, the following needs to be done:

1. Add the weight_unit attribute in the configurator. Save changes;
2. Adjust the listings with Add New Attributes checkbox ticked, in order to add the new attribute to the listings. Note: this will not convert weight units;
3. Select listings where weight is to be updated (and where weight_unit attribute is now added after Step 2) -> Edit Selected -> Update or Edit Selected -> Process Selected. This will convert weight units.
We confirm this is working now - Thanks a lot !

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