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Allow "preview" before making changes to existing listing

My suggestion is an "Update and Edit Selected" menu entry. This would update all listing information (description, extended properties, price etc.) but not submit it. Instead it would take you to the Edit listing screen when there changes can be reviewed. Clicking update here will update the listing using that information.


If you have changed data in LinnWorks (e.g. price, description, extended properties) and you wish to update a listing, then several options are available to you depending on what has been changed.

However all of these appear to immediately submit the new data to eBay, with no way to make tweaks or review it.

If you select "Edit Selected" on the Inventory screen of LL2, it will not import any of the changes in LW. the above suggestion would provide similar functionality to this, except it would bring all the changes over.

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I prefer a preview too!! any update on this feature or any plan for it?

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