Support for eBay "Seller Discounts and Charges"

eBay allows the seller to modify an invoice prior to the buyer paying. This enables charges to be applied for upgrades (think an auction where the buyer would like to change one of the products).

Unfortunately, Linnworks does not pick up on these charges even though the PayPal transaction has the original eBay item plus the charge. Checking the order XML shows that the correct money has been paid, but Linnworks discards the additional.

I think it would be very useful if Linnworks were to add any charges as an item or service in the order. Even better would be if we could specify exactly what to do with it; assign a service with a specific name, or assign a specific item.

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The main argument against implementing this in Linnworks would be that any extra items should be listed on eBay as separate items.

However, eBay use this discount and charge feature to deal mainly with things that are impractical or impossible to list separately.

This is especially useful for auctions rather than buy-it-nows, as buy-it-nows have variation groups to take care of this. Imagine auctioning a product nightly, that can be offered with a more expensive trim level. You could advertise this as an upgrade for £20 that could be paid on top of the final bid price. We are a large supplier of bathroom suites on eBay, and we are encouraged to do this. It would be harmful for our sales to continuously list both trim levels in separate auctions; it makes far more sense to list the most commonly bought trim level and offer the more expensive one as an upgrade.

Another scenario is to offer extras for auctions that are specific to our products. We get our goods manufactured for us and us alone, and this means that panels for baths for example are compatible with our baths only. We tried listing these as separate items, and regardless of how much we stressed the incompatibility with other supplier's baths, we still had people purchasing them and inevitably sending them back when they don't fit. After much testing, we concluded that the best course of action was to offer them as upgrades to existing listings. Again, with auctions rather than buy-it-now, the only way to do this is to add the charge on afterwards.

I am certain there must be other sellers out there who use eBay's built-in charges and discounts feature, and I believe it makes sense to implement this in Linnworks. After all; Linnworks downloads orders from eBay, and this field is part of an eBay order.

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