Allow the order of an eBay variation list to be specified

When creating listings with variations, it is important that the order they appear makes sense to the customer.

If there is no eBay specified default order, LL will use an alphabetical order. Unfortunately this does not always provide the desired order, and there is currently no system whereby it can be overridden and corrected

I suggest:

- A system should be introduced that allows the order of variations to be specified

- It should default to existing behavior if not present i.e. it will have not affect existing configurators

In terms of implementation I would suggest:

- A tick box is added to variations in the configurator

- it is defaulted to unticked

- if ticked, it tells LL to look for order information in the name of the variation as specified in each item.

- The information takes the form of a number, most likely delineated with brackets - e.g. the variation name would be "[12]Garage".

- LL would order the variations according to these values, starting with the lowest, and up to the highest. Those without a value would be dealt with alphabetically and at the bottom of the list.

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I too have this issue and would welcome the change specified above
I think it's essential that we are able to list variation items in an order that makes sense. For example, if shoe sizes in the options drop down box come out as 7, 3, 5, 2, 8, it looks clumsy to a potential eBay customer.
This has been implemented:
Each eBay listing template has Variation Positions button available in the Variations section. Use this button to specify the order of variations.
And it works brilliantly - thanks!
Has this been implemented for Bigcommerce? I just listed an item consisting of sizes "Small, Medium, Large", and the resulting order on the listing was "Large, Medium, Small". Is there a way I can get the former order (Small, Medium, Large) to appear on Bigcommerce when listing via LinnLive 2?


can you help me to add variation to eBay invoice as we are struggling?


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