Allow eBay store categories on an item be updated in bulk using Extended Properties

Currently if you are using extended properties to define the store category, and you want to change them, you must go through each template individually and manually make the change (see here:

I think many people (including myself) will want to use extended properties to enable dynamic modification of the listings.

Therefore, I suggest it should be made possible to update the store categories in the same way that price or shipping costs can be updated.

In practical terms, I would suggest streamlining the existing variety of options for updating, Whilst keeping the most commonly used, have an "Selective Update" which allows you to tick as many options as you can make available. Cause it to remember this selection so as to maintain what is quite likely to be a users ongoing preference.

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Yes, I agree totally - if you have a large number of products listed on ebay and either ebay changes their product classification or you need to re-assign or add a category - you need to re-do this manually or remove everything and re-list them which you are charged for by ebay if you don't have an anchor shop. There should be an option on the REVISE action on a configurator to also update the categories whether hard coded or when using extended properties.
Seems to me to be a practical extention of the existing configurator to update catagories, can't understand why it is not there now
Hard to believe this isn't part of the functionality or that users are still having to request it.
Absolutely. How could Linnworks may have missed this great functionality. This should definately be added to Linnworks to manage categories efficiently.
We have reviewed this option and agree that there is potential benefit in allowing users to update properties such as eBay Category in bulk.

However, we are not in a position at the moment to implement this function and will therefore leave this suggestion active on the Uservoice for further voting / monitoring.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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