Automated Assistance with :- Restricted Products / Notification of Restricted Products Removal

How many people like me get a notice from Amazon or Ebay or lately Brand Manufacturers, Prohibited products. Continue to list and your account will be suspended/Closed.

Now like you I have a Virtual Assistant that will list items on my behalf when they become available.

But I now run the risk of them re listing items we have had to remove from there marketplaces. Then Ebay or Amazon suspending the account.

What we need is a quick feature in linnworks that will allow us to tick/Cross to ensure that LinnLive2 does not include these for re-listing to the relevant marketplace.

It has to be something quick and show a [No Entry sign] or equivalent in the listing tool, its visual and the assistant will know we have indicated this can not be listed to this marketplace.

At the moment you need to put in an extended properties, but were all very busy and need a simple check/cross box that will show what market places you do not want the item listed.

And will perform the following without us having to remember how to do it,

"DO_NOT_LIST_AMAZON/DO_NOT_LIST_EBAY or DO_NOT_LIST_AMAZON_Merchant_Name/DO_NOT_LIST_EBAY0 (depending on your needs) with value True. This extended property can also be used for Magento and BigCommerce."

I do hope others will vote this up and have Linnworks help protect our accounts from being banned due to inconsistency in the LinnLive listing tool.

Many thanks guys for your support.


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Sorry Chris, I hadn't spotted that you made reference to this in your idea. I'm out of ideas. :/
Chris I'm not sure if this is 100% the case but I had a uservoice improvement that allowed for an extended property DO_NOT_LIST_CHANNEL_NAME to be created that would prevent the items from being re-listed.

Have a look at for details.

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