With ASOS growing rapidly would be interested for Linnworks integrating a channel to allow users to sell there products on the ASOS website. Linnworks will consider if enough people sign up to the idea.

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As the online business is growing rapidly which encourages sellers to find new and known selling channels and as ASOS is already a well know selling channel so i think that if linnworks provide integration with ASOS, it will encourages more and more people to join Linnworks
We have indicated this as potential niche channel integration. ASOS offers a boutique style storefronts for 20 GBP per month with 20% commission. While its not a main revenue generator, it is certainly a good channel to add to the mix for fashion retailers.

At the moment I am putting this under review - meaning we will be revisiting this request on a regular bases until we have a resource or a strong case to commit to the direct integration
I also waiting for the integration! Thank you.

Waiting on this.

Yes please

Any further progress on this? 

Any further progress on this?


Yes please can have this feature? 

ASOS is a fair large market for clothing, that we are missing out on linnworks currently

Please add this feature to Linnworks

Any update on this?

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