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Integration with Zendesk

Our company uses Zendesk to manage customer services tickets (calls, emails, instant chats). Zendesk has a great feature (and app) whereby it links with Magento and displays relevant customer information next to the ticket conversation based on matching email address. This means that our Zendesk customer service agent can quickly access relevant customer information.

It would be great if Linnworks and Zendesk were able to connect. Particularly the feature of having Linnworks information displayed next to a ticket based on email address matching.

I appreciate there a number of helpdesk solutions, however Zendesk seems like a very proactive one, and could be a great hook-up for Linnworks... creating the ultimate solution for SMEs.

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My team can help develop more detailed requirements if this feature is of any interest to Linnworks.
I totally agree. We are in the process of implementing both Zendesk and Linnworks and it would be great to have them connect.
We were looking at Zendesk and currently use linnworks and this would be a great addition
+ 1 for me.

At the moment we have a manual process of copying comments from Zendesk into the notes on LW. Would be great if this was automated.
In agree. This would be a great addition to linnworks
One to consider once is up and running, I would hope...

A decent CRM hook to helpdesk and customer information is desperately needed.
Although this would be a nice feature, we cannot commit to it ourselves. We however made a provision in to allow for custom plugins to be installed. This seems to be a good case for it. I will reject the development directly by us but will feed it to our development partners as a plug-in idea.
Yes this app needs building for would make a lot of peoples lives easier

We have created a Linnworks / Zendesk integration which does exactly this. Its currently in the final stages of development and we anticipate being ready to launch before xmas. We are currently running a beta testing program. If you are interested in joining please email us at

You can see a thread explaining a bit more about what oFlow does, here:


Do you still want to connect Zendesk to Linnworks? has now launched! 

oFlow is a customer service support tool that links your Linnworks database to your help desk, gathering customer and order history to view direct in the ticket.

If you are interested to try this feature and see how it can speed up your day, head over to our site. We have a free 30 day trial and no credit card required.

Any other questions, do let me know.

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