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Changes in Linn Live 2 do NOT save to Database

Currently as LL2 is built, you can right click, edit a listing, double click and change the title or price. Great right? NO!!! Because it does NOT save this to the linnworks Database. the next time you go and try to update this same SKU on any channel all of the info that pops up in LL2 is WRONG!

This is a major design flaw and I can't believe it is built this way.

I have used Linnlive for over 1.5 years now and just today finally have figured out that in order for LinnLive to update your listings correctly and to remember them for next time you want to edit something, you need to type all of this information into Linnworks, then update the descriptions, titles, etc by pushing it out with LL2.

Please help fix this major problem.



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Actually when you edit template in LL all you do is changing template.
If you want to adjust price, title or description there is much better/easier way to do this:
Why even allow someone to change it that way then? it is super confusing. Also with adding multiple listings in eBay, there is no range of character count = 80 for the title of an eBay listing. So you go and setup the new title with no idea if you are under or over the 80 character maximum. Then you try to list it and get an error. Then you have to go back and edit it in linnworks descriptions, then try again. then its too long again and you go back and edit it again. At least using ll2 it changes to red when the title is too long
In my opinion this is not an easier option by any means. AND the popup window for changing descriptions in LL2 is way to small, so it is forcing us to use Linnworks to update the titles

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