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The ability to have a duplicate button in Product Titles by Channel would be nice for listing multiple eBay listings. Also a way to enlarge the box in LL2 for editing these titles would be great as well as a error or box go red when the character count goes above 80.
After listing 700 items in the past few days I have seen some minor coding issues that are causing major headaches for us end users for listing multiple items on eBay (multiple ebay titles).

Another problem with that screen. When you click 'Add New' it pops up a window, which you can manually type into, but if you are trying to copy a title or model numbers, as soon as you go to another screen to copy , the popup goes away and have to start all over. Would it be very hard to put a copy button instead of 'add new' button? or not replace the add new but add another button, called 'copy' ? please? :)

i'd pay an hour or two of coding for you guys to add this in. The way it is setup now is very very tedious.

Not to mention, this Title also never goes red, so you don't know until it's too late that you went over the 80 characters that eBay allows. Then you are on the listing page when you see it go red. Then you have to close that window out. Go back to editing the base item, then try to list it again praying that the title is less than 80 char. I bet if you guys tried this a few times you would be pulling your hair out like I am ;)

Overall this listing tool is very primative that you can't right click edit the item and the changes be saved back to the DB. This in fact would solve every problem I have with the listing tool in general.

Thanks for your consideration.
Why can't you use DataImport tool for adding titles you want from CSV file?
Yeah I suppose we could create a csv file, then do the import. It would just be nice to do it on the fly quickly if we needed to add a title or 2. Thanks

Could we at least have something when typing in this field EBAY0_1, EBAY0_2 new titles , it would be so nice if there was a 80 char count, or it went red wouldn't it?

For example I just made 3 new titles , then I go to list them and they are RED. Then we have to go back to the other screen. It would also help when importing where it won't accept a title over 80 char when importing mutliple ebay titles.



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