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Sears have got easy to use REST APIs, please integrate Sears with Linnlive

Hi there,

I see LW/LL integration with Sears is mostly manual right now whereas Sears does provide automatic XML feeds with REST APIs and LL should be able to list/update our inventory items directly on Sears through this method.

Can you please check SEARS REST API for product creation/update as per their site https://seller.marketplace.sea...

And please give some feedback if you can consider doing this integration as it is so much more easier for us to do listing/creation/update directly from LL instead of keeping it all through excel sheets.


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Link u provided is invalid
Putting this aside for the time being. We are working on a new listing mechanics in which should make it fairly simple to map many channels to a generic listing process. We will review listing on SEARS once we have done couple of generic integrations with other channels first.

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