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Ebid Integration

Ebid integration with Linnworks and Linnive would be a great addition and another marketplace.

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We have been looking at possibly doing ebid, but would need to be able to intergrate with Linnworks.
This now has an API so it will be more likely
would be great to finally have this
Yes, please, we have over 4000 items listed on eBid and have do amend them manually, so would love Linnworks to integrate with this.
Any news on the eBid intergration?
Cannot see this ever happening to be honest.
eBid are about to release their API so there is no reason why it could not happen!
After reviewing the potential of eBid to generate sales and review of their available API, we have made a decision not to proceed with the development of direct integration for 2 reasons.

1) API is rather complicated and does not fit with the overall model of most channel, hence would require quite a lot of work to fit.

2) The channel does not (to our knowledge) generate much traction and delivers disproportional number of sales to time to manage.
Our sales has increased on Ebid recently. We need an integration with Ebid.
We now generate more sales on Ebid than Game marketplace.

I agree with this comment.

I also agree with Linnwork's comment of 2 years ago.

But, I think things have changed now and an eBid integration is needed.

Failing this, is there a way to extract orders from eBid into Linnworks Desktop and automatically update stock?

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