Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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We sell predominantly craft items. We have over 1,000 lines out of a currently inventory of almost 5,000 lines listed for sale on Etsy right now and we are adding more daily. Of the top 6 market places we sell on, Etsy is our 3rd largest and, despite the low percentage of our inventory being available through that site, it is beginning to catch our other 2 leading market places.

When we signed up to Linnworks, we were lead to believe that there was a strong possibility of the incorporation of Etsy into the Linnworks fold. This was a major factor in swaying us towards subscribing to Linnworks as our stock management system.

Rakuten is on of the platforms supported by Linnworks but this is a very minor market place for us although I am sure that there are many others who use Linnworks who will benefit from this support.

With the craft industry continuing to grow, it would be a positive step on the part of Linnworks to integrate with Etsy now rather than trying to catch up later on. Etsy is a household name amongst crafters in the English speaking world. When we speak to crafting groups about our on-line presence they have heard of our top 3 market places, some have heard of eBid but we are yet to encouter anyone who has ever heard of Rakutan or Fruugo (both of which are supported by Linnworks).

Crafting is one of the fastest growing markets right now and many educational facilities encourage freedom of thought and expression through creative crafting.

Etsy is not just for hand made bespoke items but now attracts larger e-retailers like ourselves and will continue to attract more as the site grows. We have had almost 10,000 views of our items over the last month which resulted in 82 sales. With integration of Etsy through our stock management system, it will free up time to submit more items for sale across all of the market places that we operate on and, in turn, result in a greater volume of sales through all sites.

I hope that those who will be making this decision will look more favorably on Etsy and move swiftly towards integration of another top e-retail site into the Linnworks fold as this can only benefit your customers

Thank you..

I dunno if I am a big or small customer here but I will do over 100k on etsy this year. I am now looking for software like yours to help me organise better. I won't pay for your system until etsy is integrate :( Please contact me if you ever do. For now I will be looking at another company to help me :(
why keep saying this

Under review. Need more information to make a good case. Please don’t hesitate to contact support@li with more information as to why we should focus on ETSY as a channel. That's been over 200 members asking for this

I spend a lot of the day cut copying n paste which to be honest this is the reason We signed up with you over 2years we have been with you ... I'll Give you a good enough case ... If this is not sorted for your customers including us I will be going with another company
We are looking at Etsy as an option as we have just expanded into the arts and crafts supply sector. I cannot ignore Etsy as a platform, as the supplies sold there are exactly the market I want to target. How can a uservoice 254 votes not go through when there are plans to do ones with so very very few votes. Like another seller on here, I am currently looking at other options as this will be a key marketplace for us. The linnlive part bothers me not a jot, its the order grabbing and inventory updates that are the most important. You have Tesco integration, which most sellers are not even able to use, rakuten, which is a dead marketplace and has been for a long time. The biggest questions, is why are you so against it?
Etsy Intergation is under review, which means we are in the process of scheduling this development. We have couple of jobs to clear before we can proceed to the actual development. When the development started the status of this request will change to started. Which should be in the very near future.
Just found this article after searching for Linnworks / Etsy integration. I am a potential customer of Linnworks looking to sign up and the inability to link with Etsy and the unwillingness to plan the development is worrying.
Etsy is now one of the worlds largest marketplaces for Handmade / Custom items its potential is enormous when linked with Linnworks.
Do you have any more updates on how the integration is progressing or when development time could be scheduled?

Excellent News
I just came across an email on this in my spam folder. We are very interested in Etsy integration as we sell through 2 Etsy accounts. At present we export sales into a CSV which we import into Linnworks. We currently update the Etsy site manually.
Hey, I was told this is in your Linn live launch in reading that this is coming before end of Dec'15. Any idea of the current progress?
Thank you,
Any more news? I am itching to give this a go :)
Soooo. Is this happening yet..?
Any update as to when this will be implemented
Best channel for jewelry
we sell our items already 4 different marketplace include etsy. i love etsy.
Just had this update from the Facebook users page:

I can confirm that Etsy integration has been selected in this year's roadmap. So it'll definitely be released in 2016. When exactly is hard to say, but please keep an eye on further announcements.

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