Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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Lower down on this thread tom said in August 14 "FYI linnworks is currently developing a web UI and massive database changes. There will be no new channels until at least next year." It's next year now Linnworks!!!
Please add etsy integration!!
"....The Wall Street Journal said the IPO gives Etsy a $1.8 billion valuation..."

Definitely not a small marketplace! wake up Linnworks!!!
I would like etsy integration aswell.

it is a must !!!!!!
yes yes yes!!!
Many of us would greatly appreciate if etsy could be intergrated with Linnworks.
We could use it too!!
For every 60 seconds Linnworks isn't integrated with Etsy, a minute passes in Africa.

What are we going to do about this people?!

Get it together
Cant we just sort this integration out guys. The more marketplaces and compatibility the better.

When ETSY was launched, the initial idea for this channel was hand crafted products. Hence low volume of sales and relatively easy to manage as a a side channel. Product creation is very unique process on ETSY as its a single, individual items, rather that sell-off the stock.

In our mind ETSY was not really a channel which is used by many of our customers as a significant revenue generator.

Please let us know if you receive significant amount of business from ETSY as a channel and we can review the case. As it stands now, the channel is not really cutting it for our customer base.
Dear Linn Systems.

I sell products on a daily basis on Etsy because we are in the Jewellery Making Supply line we can do the Sell them in large quantities thing although that will make us in the minority of sellers on Etsy.

Just thought I would leave my comment though so you know I am here.
I've just sent an email supporting our case. Hopefully more of the sellers who have supported this request will do the same.

However, I think there does have to be some weight in those 227 votes and Linnworks might consider reaching out with a poll or something similar.
Hi Fed and LW team,

Etsy is for a long time not the small low volume & hand crafted marketplace they started with.

Today they are open for a big suppliers in all their categories (Craft/Jewellry/Fusion accessories and more..).

Type some keywords on their web and you will see the amount of GENERIC items for sale.

I make stuff for sale on Amazon, Ebay, Magento and would love to sell on Etsy too. Can we PLEASE have an Etsy integration.

Thank you.

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