Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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We really need support for Etsy in Linnworks too!

FYI linnworks is currently developing a web UI and massive database changes. There will be no new channels until at least next year.

See cDiscount as an example, it was released and then canceled a week later never to be seen!!

This info comes from multiple developers. Call and ask for yourself.
I agree I would sell on Etsy if it was integrated into Linnworks.
I'd like to ad my voice to this request as well.
No question, etsy is our third largest channel and larger than at least four of the Linns Works working integrations COMBINED. Customers are moving away from channels like Amazon and going over to etsy as it's much better curated and people want "special" purchases. It's the now and certainly the "future" of retail - the curated, better selected model.
really want it
Strongly recommend integrating Etsy with LW, it is a strong and growing outlet for us and hundreds of thousands of other sellers.
Please reconsider this Linnworks! Lots of users wanting this integration and lots of potential Linnworks customers waiting in the wings!
With artsy looking at an IPOD in America, surely it is now big enough for LW to move to integration. PLEASE
Hey, Linnworks! Hurry up and ETSY!
Yes, ETSY pleeeeeeese
Pleaser add Etsy soon!
Yes please add Etsy soon I am selling there every day and manually adding sales to Linnworks its a pain and could make me oversell :(
Please consider adding Etsy to your integration list

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