Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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Adding my vote here. Etsy is a big marketplace now and there must be other Linnworks users that sell there. Etsy is now the only platform that still requires manual processing from us.
Same here. Etsy integration please!
I agree, Etsy should be integrated. I have shops on ebay and etsy so I need the integration.
This has already been declined (see status list) - am sure this one will be too
Yes, would be great if Etsy integration was added.
Yes, please, We would love to use etsy with Linnworks and Ebid too!
Another yes vote from me!
Etsy is one of the fast growing market, so I strongly recommend!!!!
Etsy aswell as NOTHS are 2 up and coming marketplaces, would be good to get on board guys with the integration!
Etsy is getting bigger all the time and LW need to start to consider integration...
Any more on this from LW?
Agreed - I am doing several thousand dollars in sales a month on Etsy and would love to have my inventory integrated with Amazon and eBay in Linnworks.
We use ShipStation to process labels for our Etsy orders because Linnworks doesn't integrate. We'd still like to use it for inventory processing!
I would also like to see integration with etsy

We definitely need Etsy integration to make full use of Linnworks benefits.

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