Improve capability of "IF" function in html descriptions

This would be a great asset and a very useful tool. Here is an example:

I might want to show in my listings:

"RRP: {RRP}, Our Price: {selling price}"

But I only want this to show IF the selling price is less than the RRP. If it's not less, I don't want this to be displayed at all.

I guess it would look like this:



  • ({ENDIF})

    Unfortunately that formula does not currently work in html descriptions. Is it possible to implement this?

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    I assume the confusion is due to the lack of documentation on this matter. I have asked our tech support to add some documentation on how to do this:

    The correct syntax is:



  • ({ENDIF})

    Note: You need to add Extended Property RRP to the product and edit the description of the product in raw format (not in HTML editor)

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