Generate return shipping labels for customers

We often book a return for customer using MyHermes, and manually e-mail the return label to the customer. It would be very useful it Linnworks could do this. I.e. Select the date of collection, book a shipment using the customers original shipping address, with our address as the destination, and auto e-mail the pdf shipping label to the customer. It could even pull the tracking information in and tell us when it has arrived etc, as an additional development?

Please vote if you would also find this handy! :-)

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It is a very desirable functionality and we will be working on implementing it courier by courier.

It is possible to generate a return label for certain couriers like Royal Mail Tracked and Parcelforce, and the functionality for generating the return labels has always been on the road map.
I would like this function as well.

However, I was really looking for a way to provide customers easy returns that the larger online retailers provide. A return label included on the packing slip. And if the customer uses the return label, it could charge them a flat fee.

How do you generate a returns label for Royal Mail through Linnworks? This is exactly what I want to do!

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