Linnlive Variation Attributes and BigCommerce Product Options Not Connected Properly

I am trying to list variation items on BigCommerce using Linnlive. The problem I have is as follows...

The BigCommerce configurator has a section called variations. When it is opened it enables you to configure the variation attributes which are called product options on BigCommerce.

However, Linnlive only enables you to create NEW options on BigCommerce for every new product created. It does not link to the product options / option sets that have been created in advance on BigCommerce.

So what you get is that for EVERY new product listing Linnlive creates a NEW set of product options on BigCommerce and adds an extension of numbers after a decimal to make it unique.

The result.... if we list a 1000 products with variations on BigCommerce using Linnlive, we will have a 1000 unique product options on BigCommerce creating a massive and messy backend on BigCommerce.

What should happen is that when you open the BigCommerce configurator in Linnlive, under the option name column (in Variations) should appear a drop down menu that provides the product options that were created in advance on BigCommerce which can then be mapped to an extended property.

I understand that this a limitation with the API provided by BigCommerce but it makes a database with lots of products with variations unmanageable.

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I know this is a bit of an old one, but it is showing as implemented, but I am still getting multiple options and option sets when I list a variation product. 

Am I missing something?

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Ok, so now been told by support that this hasn't been implemented?

Can this now be looked at?

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