Ability to create listings on Amazon.jp (Japan)

Please integrate so we can also create bulk listings on Amazon.jp

This way we can get the most out of the integration between LinnWorks/Live and Amazon.

You already made the integration, so should be fairly easy to do?

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When are you coming up with listing feature for Amazon.jp (Japan)?

Using the linnlive product listing tool to list on the Amazon Japan site would be of huge assistance.
We currently have to list our products on Amazon jp through seller central, and we would like to do this through Linnlive like we do on all our other Amazon channels, please intergrate as soon as possible, many thanks!
Any update on this? Currently list via txt file, and then map inventory via Linnworks channel integration. Bit old fashioned, it's 2015 now, not 2010!
With many other amazon sites integrated it would seem easy and logical to clone the process to amazon.co.jp as well. To have to continually create file uploads to amazon.co.jp for new incoming products is a real time waster.
Any update with this function ?
Any update this was posted 2 years ago?

 2018 Now

Would love to see this implemented, would save us a lot of time and bother. 

Keep this topic alive. 

Is this a Joke, No amazon Japan Linnlive? Why bother with the integration to start with

4 years and this has not been done, Why have you not integrated amazon Japan yet with configs with Linnlive yet you have just done Amazon Australia, Surely you should have done Japan first given your customers have requested this and Amazon Australia is brand new. 

Linnworks need to explain why the hold up on this? Whats stopping you? You have done all other major amazon marketplaces, so why not Japan?

Most importantly, Why no response from Linnworks?

I hope this gets implemented soon as we have put a lot of work into preparing to use amazon Japan with the translations etc only to find when we set up the account and integration that we are unable to list through Linnlive. It is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation that product listing is not available on amazon japan.

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