Return booking also reserve a certain stock level

I am testing the booking features. But, When I do a booking return/exchange, I dont see that Linnworks reserve items in inventory control.

For example, if I do new booking exchange, linnworks dont reserve the stock quantity, because stock quantity in inventory control always the same, just change when I push actioned buttom, but while the return / exchange booking is completed (while the customer return merchandise is received), the stock can reach to shortage.

It would be interesting, choose to reserve stocks, or unable to reserve stock, and then later, activate the return / exchange booking.


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I agree with this. We you make a exchange booking, the item should come off the stock level but it doesn't until it been actioned, you wouldn't want to action it until it's actually been received back, you would want to reserve it for the customer.
This has been completed
An exchange booking will created a parked order. Once the booking is actioned the order is automatically unparked

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