All Queries To Return Data Even From Archived Inventory Items

It would be of great use if we had the facility for queries that are predefined within "query data" to be able return data from the main inventory and also include all archived items.

This would mean you can forecast hidden products based on previous years sales without the need to go and unarchive it to preform the query.

It would also be great if we could print invoices for an item that has been archived from processed.

We recently tried to do this after a product has been archived but it threw an error and it was only until we un archived the product that we were able to print the invoice. Im sure you can understand this is a bit of a pain.

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Totally agree with this. I think the way Linnworks treats archived items is completely illogical and backwards. In what world would you want to remove items from historical reports. If I'm trying to compare channel or product category sales over the last few years, I can't because I've archived a load of items and they won't show up in the reports. This makes absolutely no sense at all. How difficult would it be to put a "include archived items" checkbox on the reports screen to pull that data in too!

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