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Sometimes we want to re-post our listings to get new item# from ebay. it gives the listing a boost if it is not a GTC listing. We do not want to delete all listings and re-list them again. It is a lot of work if we have to delete and re-list again because re-listing requires a lot of changes. For example we may have to select and unselect certain images each time we want to list. It is too much work if we delete all listings and re-list all

What we do is we close each listing one by one and then relist all of them in one go.

We do have ability to select all listings and do PROCESS SELECTED OR DELETE SELECTED. What we need is CLOSE SELECTED. This way we don't have to select every listing one by one and Close one by one.

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yes I agree - we've been in similar situations - makes little sense that you can multi-select and delete templates but not close more than one at a time!!

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