Adding option for CSV file upload on warehouse transfer

I was so happy to see Warehouse transfer option in Linnworks, but quite disappointed it has to be done for each SKU separately. There should be an option fr CSV upload for multiple items.

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Yes, also very disappointed with this commission. Given the facility is present on PO's it would seem obvious to allow it in the Warehouse Transfer feature also. Makes it not hugely useful in my opinion.
Really need this option with CSV uploading facility, kindly do it as soon as possible. It will be very helpful for multiple warehousing companies like us
Placing it under-review for the time being. Under review status means we will be considering it for a development when there are resources to so.
Also moved the Feature Request to
I think is important because who has 2 or more deposits transfer often at least 20 products amount of products.
Thanks a lot!
I am transfering 1/3 of my inventory to a new retail store location. So i need to transfer 1500 products and about 5000 individual items. Doing this one item at a time is very time consuming and would take several hours. The ability to do this via a CSV file would take only a few minutes.
I'd like it to be able to work with min / max levels as well so we could "top-up" one warehouse automatically from another.
CSV Upload For Products with Pictures, Locations, Weights, and Package Type would be extreamly handy

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