Shipping Override - Amazon Configurators

Allow Linnlive to use extended property for variations to override shipping on amazon listings

When using new shipping function in amazon configurator we can now assign an extended property for shipping rate,
however i don't think many users have realised that for variations the shipping rate for main item (ismain) is uploaded for all the variations within that listing.
for example if you have a variation for a product which contains different quantities for that item (pack of 1, pack of 2 etc) the linnlive will assign shippimg rate for pack of 1 to pack of 2 as well and ignore the shipping rate in extended property for pack of 2

because variations with different quantities will have different weights, the current option is not viable for these kind of listings and will only work for variation listing that have products that all have same shipping rate (such as listings where variations are of different colour etc)

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Best idea ever. Would save soooo much time

This is especially important for users whose variations go across sizes e.g, Single, Double, King Size, Superking size.

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