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email invoices to customers

I would like to email the customer his invoice from processed orders?

I dont like to reprint, scan and then attach to an email, that takes too long.

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Hi Mark it does work as long as you execute a pdf export file. There is a setting where you choose file output I believe. You can save and attached as an email. Hope this will help.
Yes we send customers a PDF copy on invoices with their, "Your item is dispatched email". This nips many invoice requests in the bud. Just select attach pdf in the dispatch notification settings.
It is possible to reprint an invoice into PDF from processed order and email the PDF to the customer.

Going forward we will extend the functionality in to include some of the Marketing and post sales communication functionality from Processed orders.
Creating a PDF to do this, is too time consuming. It would be good if a PDF could be created directly from an order. Open or processed.

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