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Allow More than Five Variation Attributes in eBay Configurators

This would help stop the need for loads of Configurators when dealing with variation listings.

I know eBay limits us to five variations per listing, but that doesn't mean the Configurator has to. For example, if we want to create a bathroom suite listing that has variations such as Basin Model, Bath Shape, Bath Size, Toilet Model and Taps, it pretty much needs its own Configurator. If we then want to create another listing for a shower suite that varies Enclosure Model, Toilet Model, Basin Model, Shower and Taps, we need another Configurator. We might then need another listing that varies Size, Shape and Colour - you guessed it - we need another Configurator.

Unless we are dealing with similar products and stick with simpler variations, we almost need one Configurator per listing. This essentially removes all the usefulness a Configurator has; we can't update these listings in bulk and so the Configurator is just an extra step that gets in the way.

If we could specify all the above variations in a single Configurator, it would greatly reduce workload and help maintain the listings efficiently. Need to change the delivery information section in your listings? Change the description once then update all associated listings. It's what the Configurators are there for. Currently we need to update the description in each and every Configurator.

Wouldn't it be great if we could reduce the number of Configurators down to one per courier? One for small deliveries with the relevant information in the description, one for medium deliveries and one for large deliveries that need to be signed for etc. It would make things so manageable.


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