Option to Select 'Not LIsted: ALL Channels' in Extended Search

It would be really good if there is a filter within LinnLive inventory to select a filter to show items not listed / live on ANY channel

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It would also be really useful to be able to filter the Inventory in order of when you added products to quickly go back and see which ones you need to create listings for, really quickly. It would also make sense that on the Inventory views you could filter to see those that have or do not have listings, as per your suggestion. I have also seen a suggestion that to filter by extended property would also help to quickly identify missing information and would really help to manage your inventory on .net
It is now possible in the My Inventory view of to apply a filter to a channel to only show items based on 1 of the following 5 options

Listed - not depending if through Linnworks or not
Not listed - not depending if through Linnworks or not
Has error - if template has at least 1 error (but it could be still listed),
Only errors - templates that have only errors,
Without errors - templates (listed LW) with no errors into them

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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