Booking Exchanges - reserving orders prior to customers returning items.

When a customer calls and wants to return an item as an exchange, it would be nice to be able to RESERVE the stock, so that it does not sell. Typically customers take upto a week (or longer if overseas) and there is nothing worse than promising them they can exchange an item, only to find its sold. The current "exchange booking" does not reserve stock.

The work around at the moment is to create a dummy order, which then reserves the stock, but its a dangerous way to operate, as duplicate orders can in theory be sent. Please please please create this option - maybe as a "parked" order, similar to amazon pending orders. Its the biggest pain point at the moment. I have asked Fed for this before and its been agreed, but its not happened yet, so this is a gentle reminder to plan this - thank you guys :)

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Implemented, an exchange booking creates an order that is unparked once the booking is actioned

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