Show Ebay Item ID's and Amazon ASIN's in the inventory and make it searcheable

When we inquiries from customers via email or sometimes over the phone, sometimes the only information we have got to go on the Ebay item ID or Amazon ASIN. This also happens in the reverse situation where we want to give customers an Ebay ID or ASIN to find an item.

We find it difficult to answer customer inquiries because we do not have that information to hand so it would be nice for Linnworks to pull that information across. I know you can search by Ebay item ID in the Channel Integration settings, but this is a slow process and not very practical.

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What a brilliant suggestion! This would be such a useful feature and would save lots of time and frustration!
Good idea but we have items listed on 10 or more listings, so there must be more then one ebay item id.
Have moved the request into
Hi all,
the functionality to search for Amazon ASIN and eBay Id has been implemented in MyInventory in Documentation on using this search to find specific inventory items that are linked to Amazon ASIN or eBay listing can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
The facility to search by amazon ASIN or eBay ID has been implemented as part of Release 5.84.0

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