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Not on the High street API feed

We are UK based e-commerce site that sells globally .We also sell on eBay, Amazon Europe and Amazon USA. And more importantly for us we also currently sell through other independent platforms... namely Etsy and Not on the High Street. Going on the forums of the last two I see there are many others like me seeking this same solution... a third party inventory software program that I can plug everything into.....this must include the new API created by NOTHS and also support Etsy enabling us to stream all the sales feed and run the whole show virtually for one dashboard. The demand for this I think is huge as everybody is stuck at the same point. Any thought appreciated.

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The process is similar to linnworks already and would mean all orders going to one place which is key.
This channel hasn't received many voted since the creation of this request. We will not proceed with the direct integration, however with the establishment of our API it would be possible to connect the channel indirectly.

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