Editing on listings on linnlive should match what ebay allows!

Currently linnlive doesnt allow variations to be changed - i.e add a further box like size/colour etc to an existing listing - This can be done in Ebay direct. With linnlive the listing need to closed this is no good for retaining sales information and positioning etc.
Width, depth & height are all fields if you list directly on ebay they are looking to be filled - Whilst they may not currently be needed 100% if ebay ask for it give them it - The way forward to ensuring good positioning - Currently linnlive does not send this information to ebay unless calculated shipping is used.
Change an ebay category in linnworks - update linnlive and nothing changs - it required manually changes - All changes should be able to be updated through linnlive quickly and easily and ALL information and changes that ebay allows should be available in linnlive to do.

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