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Allow Multi title ebay variation Listings

At the moment a single variation listing can have only one price and one title.

If multi title listings are enabled then a single product can be sold with a different title and price, for instance freepost and post charged. Thus allowing maximum keyword penetration and lets buyers add items to a basket without feeling thay have paid postage several times

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Unfortunately this is not permitted on eBay as it is treated as a duplicate listing as postage differences are not enough to make it allowed.
As Nick (thanks for this) has confirmed multiple titles for a Variation listing are not permitted on eBay, therefore this can not be implemtented.

With regards to variable prices within a Variation listing this is supported by eBay and is already available via our listing tools.
You can set a different channel specific listing price on each of the child items and then when listed to eBay each variation item will have the invidually assigned price.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

Does this supported price variation apply to quantity?  I can't understand what the chat support has said about scripting a solution to enable listings for multiple quantities to be sold.

We sell some items with a price for 1, 3,5, 10,20 and 50 - I can't see how on earth to do this - any thoughts please?

We get around this by having Skus that are 3X, 5X etc. You then make these a composite of the single item SKU within LW

Thanks Mark, we are getting there slowly following this approach

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