Enable Integration with is a new upcoming market place with huge potential, for sellers integration is only available via API services.

Channel Adviser already offers integration with Jet, so we hope Linnworks will add this channel as well.

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Guys what the hell is going on with Jet? Lots of other order management systems have it already?
I'll be in when the integration BETA is ready!
This is a big one for us.
I am already selling on Jet with the help of CedCommerce anybody looking for further information can contact.
Jet integration is now in development and once ready we will be calling for Beta testers.

Hi all,

we have just released the first Beta phase of our Jet integration.

If you are already listing on Jet and are interested in participating in the Beta program please use the following link to sign up



Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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