Do NOT fulfil the entire order in my chabnnel when one part of a split order is processed

My orders come from Shopify, some for product available now and some as pre orders. When the order is mixed I split it so one can be sent immediately. LW is marking the original order back in SF as completely rather than partially fulfilled which is causing confusion with the customer. Help Desk was very helpful diagnosing this as a fault - so please fix it soon!

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Can you please confirm that you created a ticket about it or that Linnworks Tech support confirmed this bug?
When Shopify was first integrated the option for part shipment via the Shopify API was not available, but they have since extended their API to now support this functionality.

As we move to the platform many features such as this will be investigated and where possible updates will be made to implement the enhanced options.

Mark Aldous
Development Manager
Linn Systems Ltd
Linnworks Tech confirmed that this is a bug
"As we move to the platform........." WHEN please?

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