Uservoice - Use it or lose it!

My idea is that Linnworks actually makes this uservoice section worthwhile and not just somewhere to fob people off when they ask for something that Linnworks can't do yet.

I see the "Top" request at time of writing this is to refund directly to Paypal. Linnworks helpfully responded saying it's planned and in the final stages. This was February 13th 2014...over a year ago!! No further update, no indication of when it's due, nothing.

Ok, so what about the 2nd hottest request...this was "planned" on April 9th 2013 and an ETA would be forthcoming once assigned to a developer. Nearly 2 years on and nothing further to report!

In addition to this, there are many many requests that have been sat on the system for years with absolutely no acknowledgement from Linnworks that it has even been looked at.

What is the point of a "uservoice" if you're not actually going to use it. So my suggestion... USE IT OR LOSE IT! just stop wasting our time.

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Hi Pete,
Thanks for your comment. Uservoice is a great tool to keep all ideas in one place, but of course everything goes with the price. Some of the ideas are good, but can't be implemented in near future for some reasons. We will need to clean it and leave only important ideas that can be implemented at least in 2-3 years.

Actually at the moment we are working on integration Uservoice between all our internal services. We are in testing stage at the moment and our LinnLive section will be cleaned/monitored in first place. After proof of concept we will do the same with Linnworks section. Otherwise Uservoice will be closed so our customers will not be wasting their time.
Hi Jegor

The concept of a Uservoice section is excellent and if used properly can be very powerful. However I don't see it being used properly. I think the biggest improvement you could make is to reply more regularly to ideas to keep people updated. If it is an idea that will cost too much, say that, at least we will know. If it's an idea that is good but won't be complete for 2-3 years, again say that.

Good communication would also get people more engaged with the Uservoice and therefore encourage more and better feedback from other users. If people see an idea that has been "planned" for 2 years with no movement, it will just tell them they will be wasting their time putting anything up.

As I said, I actually really like the concept of the Uservoice. I just think it needs to be used better from your side.

BTW, thanks for your quick response ;-)
Very well said.
UserVoice is a great concept if LW wants to get direction about requests from its user base that are high priority for their particular business model, however if all development is based on LW staff/management priorities (as appears to be happening) it is a waste of time and energy.

If LW really wanted to get the "Voice" of all users it could present a survey to ALL clients asking for input on key "wish list" functionality currently missing from LW and then publish the results to all users. This might help ensure future software development would reflect actual client needs.
I personally don't think Uservoice is a waste of time at all. Personally I use it as a good way to see what other LInnworks users are interested in, and what is lacking from the system. I am a new user myself, but I think at least this is a good way to gauge public interest. Whether or not the top ideas are implemented (which I hope they eventually will be) is another issue. But to remove Uservoice would be a step backwards, in my opinion.
We have now taken uservoice as our main source of feature requests and incorporated it as part of our development cycle.

Closed/Responded nearly 700 ideas and will respond to the remaining in the next couple of weeks.

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