Make Linnworks better, faster, more efficient

Linnworks hold a huge amount of data related to products, customers and sales, however quickly accessing it often takes multiple clicks, copying/pasting and multiple screens.

Here are some simple things that would speed up everyday tasks...

1. Link an open order to the Amazon or Ebay sale so with one click the transaction could be viewed on the appropriate site and things like a cancellation could be quickly done. Simply create a link from the LW "Reference Number" to the actual order on Ebay or Amazon. The URL is pretty easy to create. (Note: A quick link is already in place when we click on refund a Processed Ebay or Amazon order so why not do the same for open orders).

2. Link the Ebay buyer Username... "Channel Buyer Name" ... on LW Open and Processed orders pages to the buyer's Ebay page to see their feedback. It is very simple and works for all ebay sites... ... on that page simply click on the buyer's feedback score to view all past feedback as a buyer or seller & feedback left for other sellers. That is extremely useful for customer service issues.

3. Link the buyer's Name or Email Address in Open and Processed orders to a screen showing all past purchases in Linnworks. When a buyer reports a problem with an order, this option would allow for a one click way to view the buyer's entire purchase history and see if there were previous transaction issues.

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