Magento: image filename

Custom titles for Magento images.

Currently, Magento image title is randomly generated - 63B4FFM3B69CF41813F71CE65255F676.jpg. It is preferred to be either entirely customize-able or use the SKU as its title.

This will make customer experience with this feature clearer. Currently, managing images is a mess, and SEO is not working with random names and reduces chance of your product being sold.

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I completely agree with this. What is the point of going to all the effort to set up your images in extended properties or upload etc when the images just get renamed! Image management needs reviewing asap.
It would be unacceptable for Linnworks to change your product description or Meta title, or price. This is just as bad in my view.

Do the people who actually create and maintain Linnworks do any internet selling themselves?


I would love to invite them down for a day when we are trying to list new products rapidly across all 3 platforms and yet I still have to go into magento and re-upload ALL THE IMAGES manually as it also automatically converts them to .jpg from .png (our website requires png for the design) and then scrambles the name. We actually use the product name to name our images and it would be immensely helpful to retain this and the specific image type instead of having to then spend ages redoing it all in magento! 

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