Re-arrange/ordering BigCommerce images from within LinnLive

When listing in BigCommercel, you cannot arrange the order that images appear. It would be a good idea if you could change the order of the images as they appear in the listing like you can when listing an ebay product.

I saw that the exact same question was asked of Amazon user on UserVoice here:

Can we please get the same functionality for us BigCommerce users? I just went through an episode where we imported 1000 updated item descriptions into Linnworks and did a description update through LinnLive. After the description update, we were left with most of product images now out of order! With no real easy way to fix the problem from LinnLive, we had to go into our BigCommerce admin panel and manual fix each product image order. I have over 10 hours invested in fixing this so far. A very frustrating way to learn of a limitation of LinnLive that isn't documented anywhere. Apparently, every time we made an description, price and configuration update through LinnLive we messing up our image order.

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