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Let's count everyone interested! We use both Linnworks and Kashflow and would like to see them integrated. Hoping to get a few votes from others in the same position. If you are not familiar with Kashflow and you are looking for accounting software, check their website, they offer a free trial.

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Hello everyone,


We have just released a XERO API integration with the Linnworks platform, which we have had success with recently.


Ebusiness Guru for XERO is an accounting integration for Linnworks which posts Linnworks sales as sales invoices into the XERO Accounting System. Generate invoices in the correct currencies, either per order or as a combined sales orders summary from your sales channel, grouped by payment methods and originating channel, so you can manage your disbursements easily, and always be only a day behind Linnworks in Xero. It even breaks down payments received by Sales Tax rate!


Watch how it works by clicking here 


If you have any further queries, you can contact me at or email


Best regards,


eBusiness Guru

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