Xero Integration

Let's count everyone interested! We use both Linnworks and Kashflow and would like to see them integrated. Hoping to get a few votes from others in the same position. If you are not familiar with Kashflow and you are looking for accounting software, check their website, they offer a free trial.

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Great idea - we have just commissioned a report for this purpose but a full integration would be better. Our specific requirement would be to be able to integrate based on certain criteria eg Product Category as we hold muliple client data on our Linnworks and only selected data would need to be reported back to separate integrations of Xero.
When will this integration with Xero be available? We would love to move to from our other inventory management app, but this is holding us up.
Good point we need this too
Guys any further advance on Xero integration? And timescales?
Hi Jarred,
I can confirm that it is planned for this year, but the start date for writing the integration has not yet been set so I am unable to provide you with an ETA.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Any News on the ETA for Xero? I am about to decide on an accountancy package and my accountant swears by Xero. Is this definitely going ahead? Any date on delivery yet?

I am interested to know when this goes live.
i need this pls arrange
Is there an update on when this will be available?
Any news on when this will be started?
Ready to commit to Linnworks but need this integration. Thanks
thats a MUST :) as soon as possible. thanks
Any idea when this will be complete Linnworks? Integration with an affordable accounts package is well overdue.
I can confirm that one of our partners is working on a Xero application for

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Any update on this Mark?
Any Update on this yet ?

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